How to Set up a Batch Job

The existing Batch feature has been improved in the recent update. It now allows the user more customization options for your label, as well as upgraded job capacity. In this guide we will show the changes and how to create a new Batch, LOT number and label field options.

1. You can access the Batch feature in the store data table, MENU 1450. Here you can create a new Batch, see your existing Batch jobs, and delete Batch jobs.

We will start by using the New/Edit Batch to create our first Batch job.

2. First, we will highlight what options you have when creating a job.

Job Number - This is your new Batch assigned number for your reference.

Department and PLU Number - The number for the desired PLU.

* Only By-Count/Non-Weight PLU’s can be selected to create Batch jobs.

3. Label Quantity - The amount of labels you want to print in that Batch lot number.

LOT Number - The LOT number for your Batch.

*LOT numbers can be Alphanumeric and give more options to trace batch jobs and can be easily updated daily.

When finished press the SAVE key to finish creating the Batch.

4. Use the 1452 MENU to see your new Batch by entering the Job Number or press SAVE to see all.

Here we see our saved Batch with the information we entered on the previous page.

5. To test and print our Batch Job we need to first add the BATCH function key to our key pad.

To add it, press the BATCH key, then select the area of your key pad you’d like the key to appear. Next, enter Function Code 29 and press SAVE.

*It is important to know. You must create a BATCH key inside each department in which those PLU’s exist. For example: When I want to print a batch for my Ambrosia-Apples, I need to use the batch key in
my Produce department.

*It may be useful to add Function code 267 and 268, EDIT, BATCH, and REPRINT BATCH now as well.

6. Before printing our labels we first need to look at the new field items added to the Label Editor.

* This only applies if you WANT to see the LOT # or Label # on your custom label. If you don’t, you can skip this step.

next, open the Label Editor software. Either create a new label or open an existing label. Then, open the FIELD tab.

Scroll to the bottom of the COMMON tab, where you will see LOT Number and Batch Label Number.

LOT Number is the LOT number you assigned earlier and we will add field (27) to our label. Batch Label Number (12) Is the label counter for your Batch job.

*For example, if your batch has 3 labels it will count 1-3 as the labels print, helping you keep track of labels in that batch in case you need to reprint one. Once you're done adding the fields SAVE and transfer to your scale.

7. We can now test printing with the updated label. Make sure you have added your new label as your global or current label. On the scale key pad, select the BATCH key we assigned earlier.

Press the BATCH job you wish to print.

A prompt message will ask you to confirm the amount of labels that will print in this batch. If you made a mistake and entered too many, you can press NO and cancel. If the amount is correct press the YES button to print the batch.

8. This is how the example label printed out. We are using standard LST-8010 labels. Note the Label Number and the LOT fields showing up correctly. The Label number showed the correct count and the LOT number had enough space on the Label Editor to show properly.

9. The final thing covered in this guide will be the other two keys related to the Batch feature. We already covered what the BATCH function key does. Now we will look at the EDIT BATCH and REPRINT BATCH keys.

The EDIT BATCH key is simply a shortcut for Menu 1451 New/Edit Batch. It allows quick access to make changes to existing batch jobs. The REPRINT BATCH key allows you to reprint specific labels from a recently printed job that will not effect or increase the numbers on your report.

So for example, on our last job from the previous page we had 3 labels. If label 2-3 tore, or were damaged before we applied it to our item, we can use Reprint Batch to print those labels again with the same label number and without affecting the reports. Press the ENTER key to print the specified labels and follow the same prompts as a nomal batch job.

If you still have questions about this updated feature, please reach out to your local dealer. If you don't have a dealer, please reach out to us at or call us at 1-800-223-4227.

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