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Can't find the time to learn how to program your CAS CL Label Printing Scale?

Learn how to set up and operate your scale with one of your trained CL Professionals, Michael McNally. Choose from our 3 pre-planned courses, or select a customized course based on the level of training you require on any of the CL Series scales.

*Please note: These are pre-planned courses (except for the Customized course), and will not focus on setting up or custom designing the scale for you. Questions on the topics mentioned will be answered and addressed at the end of and during the course.

What You'll Learn Course Overview...

Introduction Course

  • Initial Setup
  • Creating a New Database
  • Intro to CL Works Pro
  • Basic Programming
  • KeyPad Designer
  • Intro to Label Editor

Advanced Course

  • Networks - Setup, Troubleshooting, Tips & Tricks
  • Scale Parameters - Basic & Advanced
  • CL Works Pro in Depth Features
  • Label Editor
  • Calibration, Service, and Troubleshooting
  • Enhanced Features

Customized Course

The Customized Course is best for users who are looking for specific information and already know the basics of the CL Series Scales. This course will give you the flexibility to determine what topics will be covered. It will also offer an opportunity to have a custom label designed, as well as help get your data entered or set up other aspects of your CL Series Scale.

If you are an existing CAS Authorized Dealer

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