How to Use the Search Function

With the new firmware update, a PLU search feature has been added. In this guide we will show you how it works, as well as cover any trouble shooting you may need to know. No action is required to start using the search feature, it is automatically added to your home screen upon updating to the new firmware.

1. Three search keys have been added to the right side toolbar on both the Function and Categories Home Screen. You can now search by NAME1, NAME2, and SKU #.

2. Search will filter PLU's based on input. When you select a PLU, it will bring you directly to that item.

3. Search will populate ALL PLU's with name and PLU number, regardless of the department they are in.

*Note: If you do not see the search feature on your toolbar, check to make sure you have the latest CL7200 Firmware.

4. To check your scale use MENU 1867 and ensure you have:

V3. 03.5-C(d) - 5041 or higher. 

If you have the search feature on your toolbar and it does not open or it does not populate PLU's, you may need to initialize your scale.

To do this, please contact your local CAS Dealer. If you do not have an authorized CAS Dealer, please reach out to us at or call us at 1-800-223-4227.

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