Master / Satellite Function Set Up

Master / Satellite is a tool that allows data changes that are made on a Master scale to be automatically shared and updated on any Satellite scales on the same network. The new firmware update has improved the useability of the existing Master / Satellite function, as well as adding new user requested features.

In this guide, we will cover setup, troubleshooting, and why the Master / Satellite function can be an excellent selling point for you and your customers.

*Before getting started, it may be helpful to watch our CL7200 Network video, found on our CAS YouTube channel:

1. In this example we will have our MASTER scale and '1' SATELLITE scale. (You may have more). To get started, we need to use the MENU 1911 to set your MASTER scale to 1 (Master) and your SATELLITE to 2 (Satellite).

*Do the same for the other Satellite scales and be sure to give it a new scale number.

2. Give your MASTER and SATELLITE scale a unique IP address. Confirm your Network Gateway / Subnet Mask.

3. Next on the SATELLITE scale, go to MENU 1914 and enter the MASTER scale's IP and Port.

(It will usually be 20304).

4. For the next step, on your MASTER scale, enter the IP and Port for each SATELLITE scale.

Make sure to give each scale a unique number and scroll to the second menu page. Set use to: Y.

5. On both scales, use MENU 1920 to set "Send Changed PLU" to Y.

This will automatically and instantly send changes to PLU data from the MASTER scale to the SATELLITE scales.

If the PLU data fails to transfer, a Master Force download option is possible.

6. Now it's time to test your connection. On the MASTER scale, use MENU 1962 to check the connection of your SATELLITE scales.

If it's setup correctly, you should see all Satellite scales here with a 100% connection.

*If you scale has under or over 100%, we will cover troubleshooting at the end of the guide.

* The 1960 MENU is where you can add new Satellite scales, see the list of existing scales, and delete scales from your Master / Satellite network.

7. With our connection established, PLU data changes on the MASTER scale should start pushing automatically. We can now also copy additional data from our MASTER scale to the SATELLITE scale.

Use MENU 1950 to select the data you would like to transfer:

  • Category & Page: Transfer category / Page names / Changes
  • Key: Transfer key pad changes
  • Clerk: Transfer clerk information / changes

*Currently images can't be sent via Master- Satellite.

8. Once you've selected all the data to transfer, press the SAVE key. When done, you will get a message indicating that all of the data was sent successfully.

9. A quick way to test if the PLU data is being sent, is to make a price change and save your changes on the MASTER scale. The change should be sent instantly to the SATELLITE scale.

If the data does not transfer, try repeating the steps from the previous step and select just one data category to send. It should push the PLU data.

Connection Issues: On MENU 1962, if your scale shows 0%, this usually means that the IP is incorrect. Try deleting an old entry and creating a new SATELLITE scale. 

If the scale shows 99%, it usually means the SATELLITE scale is not powered on. A high number like 267% usually means a poor network connection, lost connection, or that the SATELLITE scale has outdated firmware.

Make sure that all MASTER - SATELLITE scales have the same firmware and that they are all on the same network.

If you are still having issues after following the steps on this guide, please reach out to your local CAS dealer. If you do not have an authorized dealer, please reach out to us at or call us at 1-800-223-4227.

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