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If you use either Applied Data Corporation's InterScale Scales Manager or Invafresh's E-Plum to manage your scales, then you can easily add the CAS Label Printing Scales to your network!

InterScale Scales Manager

You’re finally free to find the best scales and label printers for the job without connectivity restraints or single-brand software restrictions. Add the CAS CL5000 Label Printing Scale to any network that operates Applied Data Corporation's InterScale Scales Manager.

Shouldn't you be able to add a CAS CL5000 to your supermarkets network even though it contains label printing scales from different manufacturers? Scales with different features, price, performance and support? We at CAS think so! Applied Data Corporation developed the InterScale Scales Management system with this in mind. A system that communicates with all models of intelligent, network scales and barcode label printers from this list of manufacturers.

InterScale hosts future-dated item, price and label information from one 'scale-neutral' system at your grocery chain headquarters to an entire mix of scales, regardless of vendor, model or protocol. The Dashboard view within InterScale provides a graphical summary, with drill-down capabilities of business performance and exceptions, including monitoring of mission critical events and errors.

Improve your labeling accuracy, with less human intervention and full closed-loop feedback visibility of errors. By improving scale pricing and tare accuracy, InterScale can save each of your stores $1,000 per day - in each department. Less labor costs, higher profits, higher sales volume, reduced spoils and shrink. Brilliant, isn't it? A robust closed-loop scales management system is essential not only to manage the items and pricing in your scales, but also to maintain regulatory label compliance for ingredients lists, allergens, nutri-facts (including Trans Fat), Country Of Origin (COOL) and traceability information.

For more information on Applied Data Corporation's InterScale Scales Manager, please visit ADC's website -

Invafresh E-Plum

CAS-USA announces that CAS Network Label Printing Scales will now communicate with Invafresh's E-PLUM Enterprise Scale Manager – a multi-vendor, multilingual, web-enabled solution that provides retailers with centralized control of in-store scales and printers. Accessible from any computer in the enterprise, E-Plum allows support staff instantaneous access to any Ethernet or serial scale device. It is a full-featured and easily implemented solution designed to eliminate data integrity issues, and meets legislated requirements such as support for trans fats, allergens and country of origin labeling (COOL).

The integration between the CL-5000/7200 and E-Plum provides the ability to consolidate database management into a single enterprise-level database, improving database integrity and reducing costs for system replication, synchronization, and data maintenance. Both the CL-5000/7200 and E-Plum offer store-level PLU and related item data management, along with complete scale resource management, including label formats, preset keys and graphics, and much more.

Additional features and benefits of E-Plum:

  • Management of scale information in real time making information accessible centrally from the Enterprise Scale Manager, remotely by cell phone or PDA, or through an in-store web browser
  • Updates can take place at any time and as often as needed to support a competitive pricing strategy.
  • Regular, automatic on-line status checks
  • View scales by enterprise, store, or department

    For more information on E-PLUM Enterprise Scale Manager, please visit Invafresh's website

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